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Privacy Policy

Fabolic values the trust you place on us. The Privacy Policy is the electronic document published and construed in adherence to the provisions of IT Rules, 2011 under IT Act, 2000, that states the publishing of Privacy Policy for use, storage, collection and transfer of sensitive data and information.

You are requested to read the privacy policy of Fabolic prior to using the website and its services. By accessing or using the services of the website you signify that you understand and agree to the privacy policy of Fabolic. If you don’t concur the terms of use and privacy policy of the website, you are requested not to use the website and its services.

Using the website, provide your unconditional consent and agreement to Fabolic as provided under the section 43A and 72A of IT Act, 2000. Using the website or its associated services indicates that you permit Fabolic to collect, store, process and transfer the information and personal and non-personal data as specified under Privacy Policy. You also further agree that the use, storage, collection and transfer of your personal data must not be used for any illegal gains or cause any loss to any other third person.

Fabolic and all its associates, affiliates and subsidiaries are highly concerned about the privacy of the data and information of customers. Buying or selling of products through the website or associates shall also have the same meaning as described in Companies Act, 2013.

The privacy policy of Fabolic must be read carefully before using the services of the company and abide by the rules and terms mentioned at the privacy policy and terms of use.